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Gina Clear is a bi-lingual professional ICF certified coach, life coach, international trainer and communications expert, specialised in public speaking.

Born and raised in England, she has been living and working in France for thirty years. Her whole career has revolved around her passion for communication and personal development, leading her to set up her own professional training and coaching company, Hearsay, in 2002.

With a strong background in NLP and transactional analysis, as a certified professional coach and life coach and with many years’ experience of training and coaching across cultures, Gina has a unique approach to training and coaching which is tailor-made to her clients’ needs and designed to help them progress quickly, safely and with pleasure.


The Hearsay team is made up of a small number of trainer-coaches,  all highly experienced and motivated by their "common mission": helping people to understand themselves and each other better, communicate &  work together better, overcome linguistic and intercultural barriers and ultimately improve their lives and make the world better, happier & more peaceful.

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