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'People are complicated, understanding them doesn't have to be’ (

Gina is a certified professional trainer, specialised in the field of presentation and communication skills and public speaking. With over 30 years of experience in supporting professionals in all sectors of activity to enhance  their communication, she will help you communicate your ideas with clarity, confidence and impact. Her surname is CLEAR and that's the objective!  

She is a certified trainer for:

•  Think On Your Feet™     

•  The Skilled Presenter™

 These communication workshops are delivered worldwide in both English and French, and provide simple, effective tools to improve both formal and informal communication. Combined with Gina's coaching skills, these courses enable participants to feel confident, and to think and speak CLEARLY!

Hearsay also designs customized training courses for individuals and teams in all sectors of activity which may combine many elements such as communication styles, listening techniques,  dealing with tricky questions, cross-cultural communication, managing emotions & relationships, change management…

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