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"Speak a new language so that the world will be a new world" - Rumi.


Much more than language training, Language Coaching combines coaching and training tools to create a powerful cocktail for successful performance in English.

Hearsay will design your language coaching programme to meet your needs, communication styles and professional environment, enabling you to learn with pleasure and self-confidence. Everyone has their own learning preferences. Hearsay has developed simple, innovative & efficient, methods to help you learn in a motivating, dynamic and positive framework and to succeed - in English.

Language Coaching is:

• customized,

• has specific, measurable objectives

• occurs in a friendly and relaxed atmosphere

• takes into account the professional organization and its challenges.

It is focused on the individual, to develop their capacities and help them activate their resources in order to gain self-confidence, overcome blocking points, strengthen their communication and leadership in English.

Language coaching allows the client to better manage complex professional situations in English, such as:

international meetings, audits, public speaking events, presentations and teleconferences, negotiations, managing cross-cultural teams, inter-relational challenges...

 Each training session is followed by a personalized written/audio, report, so that the trainee can review, revise and consolidate the key vocabulary, grammar & pronunciation points before the next session.

Language coaching sessions take place remotely by webinar / telephone, according to the client's needs.


Since the pandemic, language coaching sessions have been delivered remotely, via videoconference, until further notice.

Which training course is the right one for you ?

Hearsay offers you a choice of modules, tailored to your goals, needs and availability.

Our training is customized, because language coaching is 100% focused on you.

Contact us for a needs assessment and analysis (free of charge, no strings attached).  


At Hearsay, we believe that the key factors of learning are fun, pleasure and kindness: if you have fun on a training course, you’ll be motivated and you’ll progress. If you feel safe, because you’re in a kind and nurturing learning environment, you will dare to communicate. That’s why the training content is focused on you, and varies according to your preferred learning methods, with written, oral, multimedia and custom-made exercises designed especially for you, according to your specific needs. In order to help you communicate with clarity, impact and confidence, each session will be a combination of oral expression, role plays and focused training in situations such as presentations, meetings, job interviews, site visits ... We also integrate your own specific professional documents that you use on a daily basis. A personalized written report is sent by email at the end of each session with recommendations for personal consolidation work for the following session.

Check out our sample 20-hour training programmes:

Level A1/A2 : beginner/elementary  (Open pdf)

Level B1/B2 : intermediate(Open pdf)  

Level B2+/C1 : advanced (Open pdf)  

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