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Living Space Workshop

Thursday, October 13, 2022, 5:30 – 7:00 PM CET via Zoom

With the proliferation of home remodeling shows, magazines and blogs, updating, organizing and decluttering is all the rage. But why? Why does it feel so good to witness these transformations? And how can we do something about our own homes and workspaces?

Join Wayfinder Life Coaches Gina Clear & Shannon Lubell to help you examine your home or office while exploring metaphors to see how things in your physical world can reflect something that is happening inside. In our experience, examining your living space will help you gain insights that apply to the challenges you’re facing in your life (professional or personal) TODAY. Perhaps you want to change something that isn’t really working for you anymore. Perhaps you find yourself facing a new challenge, whether by choice or unexpectedly, and could use some support. So come and join us for this free workshop to learn how to start making external changes that could add up to big shifts in your inside world, too.

Please join with an open mind, a comfortable chair (in a quiet space), and a notepad & pen.

To register or inquire:

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